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Rousseau studies 

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The Web site, 'Rousseau Studies' is produced by an international group of researchers (some based at the Sorbonne in Paris) who aim to promote and disseminate study into the work of the famous 18th century French writer and philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The site provides full information about the group's activities, including publications, seminars and events. As well as calls for papers for forthcoming events, the proceedings or the programmes of recent colloquia are available on this site: themes for discussion have included the languages of the 'Dialogues' and Rousseau at Besanšon. The group also produces a scholarly journal, '╔tudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau', and the tables of contents are available here. Extracts from some of Rousseau's major works, including 'Du Contrat Social' ('The Social Contract), and the Confessions, may be accessed here. Of particular use to the student and researcher will be the site's excellent bibliographies for Rousseau Studies, which cover biographies; general and specific studies; religious thought; and more. The site also provides the full electronic texts of a good selection of scholarly articles: some are related to Rousseau himself and his work while others focus on the 18th century in general. The site also offers a small anthology of poetry inspired by Rousseau, links to related Web resources, and announcements of forthcoming publications. All in all, this is a valuable resource for anyone working on Rousseau. 

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Designer : Cohen, Alix (University of Cambridge)
Collaborator : L'Aminot, Tanguy (UniversitÚ de Paris IV, Sorbonne)

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L'Equipe Rousseau

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18th century CE

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